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Today it is a sad day for our organisation CKRAS Gaming. We have to say good bye to our danish side, which is the current vice-world champion and placed 2nd at the last i-Series edition.
After very succesfull and great 9 months, the team decided to part ways in the future. We wish them the best and we also want to say thank you very much for this time.

We can also announce that Steffen will step back from competitive CSS (Read his statement below)



Welcome on our CKRAS Gaming  HKLAN +5 Coverage Page. Here you get all the lastest information about CKRAS.CCSS and all other CounterStrike Source teams.

Here you will get pictures and all information regarding to CKRAS Gaming. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter to get additional information.

With under a week for the SS Finals at HKLAN, Gaming.DK have startet a vote for the Most Valuable Player of their league

With under 2 weeks for HKLAN to open the doors, we have brought the seeds for this amazing event!

Some days ago h0lm told us that he wants to publish, that he steps away from competitive source, and we will be playing with rylander at HKLAN. We wish h0lm all the best in his exams!

Today is a sad day for CKRAS Gaming, because we can announce that h0lm will be added as the sixth player of the lineup. After almost 2 years with the current lineup, h0lm couldn't match both his exams and the practise with the team. Lars was with the team when we went into Reason Gaming for a while, but after some disapointing results the world famous organisation decided, to release the team.

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