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Interview: Oslo Lions Player Michael „m1kkis“ Sokk


WCG Nordic Qualifier - Interview with 3rd Place Oslo Lions Player m1kkis


Wild Lions SK Gaming Interview WCG Nordic Qualifier
Oslo Lions @ WCG Nordic Qualifier 2010 (1. left m1kkis)

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki: " I am just chilling, staying with friends..."

Interview with Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki at the WCG Nordic Qualifier in Helsinki


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CKRAS: Hi! Thanks for giving me the interview,

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki: Sure, no prob.

CKRAS:  So you got the 3rd place, are you happy about It, or would it be better If you had won?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki:  Yeah, well, it is always better to win, but I think we surprised a lot of people by beating H2K, twice! Both in the single elimination and best of three. So, we are happy with the 3rd place, of course.,but some situations went wrong with Power Gaming. We had a conflict with them, but they had an advantage there. We are discussing that right now. They broke some rules while playing, but we did not think the punishment for them was fair.

Wild Lions SK Gaming Interview WCG Nordic Qualifier
Team: Oslo Lions

CKRAS: How do you see it that the guys from Power Gaming have no tricots? Yours are quite cool, with the lions on them. Do you think that it is more professional to have some?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki: Yes, I think all teams should have their own t-shirts, showing for example the sponsors providing the money to attend the tournaments. But Iam not sure if Power Gaming is sponsored by anyone so If they are not it is okay,  I think, to wear no tricots, but if they are, they should wear some.

CKRAS: So what do you do, except of ruling in CS?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki: At the moment Iam not working or studying, I am only playing CS; I am just chilling, staying with friends. I am just living my last “free” year –so I call it. I am going to study next year…

CKRAS:  So what are you going to study?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki:  I am going to study level design for computer games and generally design for architecture

CKRAS: That sounds quite cool.But you also enjoy your time noe,  playing CS!

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokki: Oh yeah! I enjoy it very much, hanging with the boys, it s really nice.

CKRAS: So how is the atmosphere in the team, are you all friends outside of the game?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokk: Yeah, we are very good friends, so the atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal, the chemistry is perfect. We really enjoy hanging out together; I think that is very positive.

Wild Lions SK Gaming Interview WCG Nordic Qualifier
Wild Lions Price Cermony WCG Nordic Qualifier

CKRAS: So what do you plan for the future? What tournaments do you plan to attend? Perhaps you come to Germany soon?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokk: With going to Germany I am not sure, we didn’t talk about that yet, but we plan to attend some Swedish tournaments, like Arbalet and Dreamhack winter. We don’t  have discussed other international events at the moment, only scandinavian.

CKRAS: You should visit Germany…I’m sure you would like it. But perhaps it is better to stay here because the German tournaments aren’t in such cool locations such as “Hartwall Areena”. Perhaps the German scene will see the pictures and take it for an example…

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokk: Oh I have been there but not playing CS. But I have to admit that the location is great. ;o)

CKRAS: So thanks for the Interview and have a nice time here. So, are you staying for the whole tournament?

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokk: Thank you too. We are leaving tomorrow morning. But for today we have planned to chill out, eating pizza, drink some beers. Just relax…

CKRAS: So have a good time, bye bye!

Michael „m1kkis“ Sokk: You too, bye!



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