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Pre-Coverage Alpcon Interview with delonge


Interview with Ollimatti, Player from

Interview Delonge - CKRAS Gaming - Alpcon Coverage

Interview with  delonge, player

NAME: Ollimatti Vehkalahti

AGE: 21
CITY: Oulu


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CKRAS-GAMING: Hi Ollimatti. Welcome! Can you tell us something about you?



"Hi and thank you. My name is Ollimatti Vehkalahti, I'm soon 21 years old IT-student from Oulu. I've been gaming for 7 years now I believe and I
enjoy music and going out when I'm not gaming."


CKRAS-GAMING: You are Member of CKRAS Gaming. What can you say about the Team, the Management and the Organisation for the alpcon?



"Well the team itself is the most skilled one I've ever been a part of, and I'm thrilled to attend some events with this lineup.
The management have been really involved with us in everything we do and have provided us with everything we need."


CKRAS-GAMING: You will play at the Alpcon next Week. What do you expect? What did you think about this Event?



"Obviously we expect a top placement and tight games with us hopefully emerging victorious in the end. I hadn't heard about the event earlier,
so I really don't know much about it. I'm sure its going to be good though."


CKRAS-GAMING: will heading some of the best Austrian Teams. Do you know some of them?



"In addition to the CKRAS' Austrian team, I haven't honestly heard of many of them. I do recognize some individual players though. Nevertheless, we will not underestimate anyone, and hopefully some Austrian teams can cause some upsets against foreign teams, not us though."


CKRAS-GAMING: Your last official Offline Event was the ESPC 2010 (Esport Challenge Finland). Do you think that you have trained enough, without any official Challenges like EMS?



"The ESPC was a really nice benchmark for us, it enabled us to see what areas still needed work and what didn't. We have had a really nice training routine after the event, even sacrificing some weekends for practise. However, no team can be 100% prepared no matter what they say, there's always factors that come into play like school and work and family commitments. That being said, we are as prepared as we will ever be. We made a decision to not play any officials to avoid anti-stratting that's become common amongst the topteams."



CKRAS-GAMING: Thank you for your time. What do you want to say now?



"I want to thank CKRAS for giving us the chance to attend events like alpcon, and shoutouts to the team and the managers!"


21. May 2010