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CKRAS`s Dreamteam quit playing... - But the future starts now

Sad wews for all CKRAS CS:S Fans

Today it is a sad day for our organisation CKRAS Gaming. We have to say good bye to our danish side, which is the current vice-world champion and placed 2nd at the last i-Series edition.
After very succesfull and great 9 months, the team decided to part ways in the future. We wish them the best and we also want to say thank you very much for this time.

SAD NEWSCKRAS Gaming is currently searching for a new team, which can be reprensent us at the upcoming Copenhagen Games in a few weeks. After being at the top for more than one year with our finish team (angeldust and co.). We are convinced to find a new top team in the next one to two weeks, which will fit perfect to our goals in the near future.

Now it is time to look forward for our past teams and for us as organisation and last but not least, we would say thank you again to Rene, Bo, Henrik, Lars, Steffen and Jehan for there great performance in the past.

Kind regards
CKRAS Gaming Management

We can also announce that Steffen and Bo will step back from competitive CSS (Read his statement below)

Statement Steffen "3k2" Markussen


Age: 22 years
Config: Download

"Hey everyone.
It's not easy to shut down a team that has been as good and succesfull as this one has been, but with too many of our players having too much other stuff going on for us to be able to keep playing together in a way, that everyone was happy about, it is sadly what has happened. We all still love playing and therefore it is not a definitive quit from any of us, but instead simply a step down in how much we will be playing for a bunch of us, which also means that we will part ways.

I want to thank all of the guys in the team, Henrik, Lars, Rene, Bo and Jehan for all the fun times we've had together and for being able to work through everyones differences, so together we could achieve a bunch of good results. The same thanks goes to Andi and Chris, our german friends from ckras, who have been really good to us and who we are sad to not be able to represent at the coming Copenhagen Games event - best of luck in finding a new team to them!

 - Steffen '3k2' Markussen, of the now former ckras-gaming css lineup."


Statement BO "wantz" Vestergaard

"Today is a sad day for CKRAS as we are announcing the end of our team. I have also decided to take a break from competitive CSS. I am not sure what the other guys are doing, but I want to say thanks for all the great memories that I have had in CSS. And also thanks to CKRAS for being awesome! Peace out guys."

René cajun Borg

Rene cajun Borg CKRAS CSS Player

Town: Copenhagen
Age: 20 years
Config: Download
Resolution: 1024x768
Sensivity:  2,5

Statement Rene "cajun" Borg

"I would like to thank CKRAS Gaming for their continued support over the past 9 months. They have never failed to deliver and I hope that they have been satisfied with our results, including a silver medal at ESWC, and a 2nd place finish at i-Series. I wish Bo, Henrik, Lars, Steffen, Andi, Chris and Jehan the best of luck in the future. Thanks for everything guys. :)"


Current Lineup:



Lars "h0lm" Jespersen
Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen
Steffen "3k2" Markussen
René "cajun" Borgn
Bo "wantz" Vestergard



2012 - 2nd - SteelSeries League Division 1 Season 1 (rylaNder stand-in for h0lm)
2012 - 3rd - HKLAN #5 (rylaNder stand-in for h0lm)
1. Place Season I
2. Place INSOMNIA 44
2. Place ESWC Grand Final
1. Place ESH Gigabyte Cup
1. Place ESWC Qualifier
1. Place ESH FTP Challenge
1. Place SLAP 23

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