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h0lm retires, new fifth player for CKRAS?

After almost two years, h0lm decides to step back from competitive CS:S

Some days ago h0lm told us that he wants to publish, that he steps away from competitive source, and we will be playing with rylander at HKLAN. We wish h0lm all the best in his exams!

Today is a sad day for CKRAS Gaming, because we can announce that h0lm will be added as the sixth player of the lineup. After almost 2 years with the current lineup, h0lm couldn't match both his exams and the practise with the team. Lars was with the team when we went into Reason Gaming for a while, but after some disapointing results the world famous organisation decided, to release the team.
The team stayed together, exept of Bo "wantz" Vestergaard, which had a quick visit at the Copenhagen Wolves, he was added to the lineup once again. At that time, the team joined CKRAS Gaming as their new CS:S team. 

 STANDIN: Alot would probably ask, whats up with HKLAN ? At HKLAN Denmark Kasper "Rylander" Mogensen will be our substitute, and after HKLAN the team will find out who the 5th player is going to be. 

Statement Lars "h0lm" Jespersen

Without sounding too melodramatic, I believe the time has come for me to step back CS wise. As I am now entering my 6th semester at University, finishing up my bachelor's degree before starting the candidate, I feel it's time to prioritize differently than I have done previously. I have not lost the motivation to play, but merely lost the time. Therefore onwards I will be playing as CKRAS' 6th man. Good luck to the rest of the team, I'm sure they will find a proper replacement!

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We wish Lars "h0lm" Jespersen the best luck with his exams, and we hope that he someday will be found 



  • Denmark Bo "wantz" Vestergard
  • Denmark René "cajun" Borg
  • Denmark Steffen "3k2" Markussen
  • Denmark Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen
  • Denmark Kasper "rylander" Mogensen (substitute)


Lars "h0lm" Jespersen (standin - 6th)


H0lms Profile

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