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ROCCAT - WTF! World Tour!

XI WTF! World Tour

ROCCAT™ Studios announces the ROCCAT™ WTF! World Tour – a
trip through the weird, strange and unexpected, with exclusive prizes
for gamers hopping on board

Hamburg, 25 November 2011 – ROCCAT™ Studios, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of
professional gaming devices and accessories, today announced the ROCCAT™ WTF! World
Tour, a Facebook contest that celebrates worldwide gaming – while focusing on the strange, the
fascinating and the unexpected in the world – in which fans can submit their own photos to win
exclusive gaming prizes.

As part of the WTF! Tour, every Friday during the contest ROCCAT™ will be posting an exclusive
video on their Facebook page that similarly highlights the odd and interesting. As a tribute to
international gamers, each video will take place in a different country, and the final video will be
followed by a surprise announcement. The first WTF! Tour video will take place at Lake Inari,
Finland -- the start of the ROCCAT™ story back in 2007. Fans can watch the first Lake Inari
video from 2007 by going to:

Entry in the contest is simple: fans must submit a photo of the ROCCAT™ WTF! logo in a
creative, interesting and/or mystical setting – preferably with a notable landmark in the
background. Contestants can download the WTF! logo for free at
Each week, ROCCAT™ will pick the three best photos and post them on the ROCCAT™
Facebook page, with each photographer winning a one-of-a-kind gaming prize package.
The contest will run until the end of January, 2012, with each week featuring new prizes. At the
contest’s final destination, ROCCAT™ will hand out a Monster Grand Prize Gaming Package,
featuring an Acer G7 Predator PC.

“We’re not only committed to promoting gaming worldwide,” says René Korte, ROCCAT™
Studios CEO, “we’re dedicated to being a “techtainment” company – an organization that
combines our cutting-edge gaming technology with exciting entertainment content. The WTF!
World Tour does both and it should be a blast. And the culmination of the tour will signal an
exciting new chapter in the ROCCAT story.”